The Power of Video for Business

Our agency does lots of print and digital advertising work for our clients.Video Production KC  However, the fastest growing segment of our business has been in high quality video production.  For years we've suggested to clients and non-clients the power high quality video production has on the ability for a product/service to connect with the consumer...even the B to B consumer.

When you consider the time and effort that goes into high quality video for television commercials, on-line video and in-store product piece you can begin to understand why some small and mid-level companies have been reluctant to invest in in this method to reach consumers.  However, according the the numbers making the switch pays off.  Why?  Consumers (including B to B) are watching.

Video singleVideo Statistics

  • December, 2011 - 182 million Americans watched an average of 23.2 hours of on-line video;
  • In 2012 57% of marketers will increase the use of video;
  • 24% of advertisers are shifting dollars away from print and into video production;
  • 65% of advertisers are shifting dollars away from broadcast television to on-line targeted video production;
  • In 2011 mobile viewing of video increased by 102%

Companies who are in tune with the trend began investing in high quality video production several years ago but, it is not too late for those of you who want to capture targeted market dominance.

We thought you might like to know...




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You Spent $5 Million & Didn't...

I was...shocked.  When we were watching the Super Bowl (some wagMan Pants Down suggested that when you took out all the ads they only played 12 minutes) I thought it was odd that so many of the advertisers failed to promote the social media aspect of what they were selling.  But, I didn't realize how badly so many...failed.

Would it surprise you that:

  • Only 57% of the ads included a Website or Microsite link;
  • Only 16% included social media bumps like hashtags or Facebook links;
  • Only 11% included mobile app or QR Code references;
  • 32% failed to include ANY online reference.

OK, I get that including a QR Code in a TV ad is a little difficult but to not have any online reference point.  To fail to have any call to action...seriously?  That's "bush league" stuff and if I had paid $5 million for creative and another $1.5 million to buy the air-time I'd be ticked off.

Pretty sad when Best Buy beats everybody else huh?  If you want to read the entire news story here is the link to our friends at Read Write Web

Your take-a-way here is to make sure you include a way to carry on the's the 21st Century you know.




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The Day...After

Several thoughts about the Super Bowl Ads we saw this past Sunday.  What we thought were the winners and the ads that need

Hands down the Halftime in America two-minute ad featuring Clint Eastwood was, in our opinion, the best.  Last year Chrysler blazed a new trail with Eminem and rather than re-do that...Chrysler came back with a message that can resonate for most Americans. If you were one of the five folks who missed you go:


The ad cost Chrysler $14 million plus the actual buy of $3.5 million.  Eastwood ChryslerInteresting that it is not showing up on the official Chrysler YouTube page.  If you head there you'll see that it was removed "Due to an NFL Property Rights" message.  Odd.  Here is that story from Yahoo News. This morning in USA Today Chrysler ran this full-page back up.  This is what you call using traditional/new media to hammer home a point.  Nice...very!

What we found interesting is that BOTH political types latched onto the message.  My friends in the GOP were saying Eastwood would "lock up" the nomination and my friends in the Democratic Party said it was a score for President Obama.  And, yes, there were some who panned the ad and pointed out the money spent (wisely we think) on saving US automakers from the brink.  No politics...just a good move.

GoDaddy flunked with the same old tired stuff, Honda failed at being new and what in the world was the Mathew Broderick's look back at Ferris Bueller?  Were the 80's that great? 

In line, we think, the the demos was Fiat and Teleflora and you can never go wrong with chimps and dogs....although the bulldog/greyhound ad had us scratching our collective heads.

E-Trade was OK and Coke was...flat. Bud Light scored with another dog in "Here we go". 

What was your favorite?  And, if you want a quick review of them all, here is a link to my friends over at AdAge Medialand.





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Long Distance Directions

Last year we started a major project for a client who is based 900 milesVideo Crew away.  Following many conference calls, trading all sorts of notes and moving forward with the project we decided we had "nailed" the story line in our video.  Six states, dozens of interviews and twelve hours of film.  Nailed it!

But, we didn't..."exactly".

That was the word last week as we engaged in another conference call.  "Yes, you hit on all the segments that we asked for however, the subjects you filmed didn't hit the ball out of the park". 

I should tell you that all of the subjects we filmed were not paid and they were clearly not professional actors.  They were...real.  However it seems we didn't get them to say exactly what our client wished.  We can take that but we felt we needed more "direction". 

Mind you we had invited them to each of our out-of-state and in-state shoots but they couldn't make it.  This time they were more open to the idea of coming out and going to a couple of additional filming adventures.  We're grateful.

The moral of this story is that no matter what you think the customer wants and no matter how many times you go over the details and the benefits and the methods...the end product may not meet the exact specifications of the consumer.  Long distance "direction" simply isn't the best way to get the job done.  What are your thoughts?




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It Offends Me...Get Over It

Over the past couple of weeks the Internet has been on fire because of this new ad campaign for Dr. Pepper 10.  If you haven't seen you go.  My comments follow.


Loads of things, from production to copy-writing, to talk about here...but let's stick to the "hot button" issue of being offensive to women.  I'll admit when I first saw that ad it was, "What the heck?".  It's not your usual soft-drink piece.  So, I went to YouTube to watch it...several times.  (You see...I don't TIVO to cut out the ads...I make a note and then go find them.  Sad, I know.)  It's satire, parody the end it works.

Sure we've got some folks fired up about the "anti-women" message and the Facebook "Man'Ments"...that's the idea.  Get people talking about your product/service and make it as viral as possible.  Dr. Pepper could have launched something safe and predictable and they would have gotten the "safe and predictable" return: Yawn.

Get over it..and drink up.  But, if women REALLY want to get offended I present you with this new campaign from Hardee's.






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Thoughts on Television Production

Are you using video to promote your product or service?  If so, it'sVideo Crew  important that the piece you're using is well written, well shot, well edited and well voiced.  And, available not just on the local television station.  Why?  51% of consumers watch

Here are some other thoughts about creating real quality television production/video...and a lesson in cutting costs:


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Shoot Schedule & Filming - A Plan

I'm always surprised at the number of folks who do video shoots forAdam Thumbs Up  business who fail to have a solid shoot schedule in hand and shared with everybody concerned with the effort.  "We'll just wing it." is not a good idea...unless you want to burn through time and money.

Shoot schedules are all about the "who", "what", "where" and "why" of what we're doing that keeps everybody, including talent, on the same page.  From simple things like "who" is going on location, "what" props and equipment are needed, "why" we're doing the Adam with Dossett Family shoot (rational, end game, what we will cover, etc.). 

With a solid planning document that is shared with everybody the shoot moves along much faster, everybody understands their role and...there is no guessing.  And, it allows you to have a little fun at the same time.

Here's a really quick video, shot with my Flip, that revolved around the Remus Family of Kansas that is part of a much larger project.


A shoot schedule goes a long way in helping non-professionals (talent in this case) better understand what we're doing...and what we're asking of them.  Our thanks to the Dossett Family and the Remus Family...on to Ohio, Wisconsin, Georgia...and other places.

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Who Is Watching & Who Isn't?

Once upon a time television aimed at the coveted 18 - 49 year old's changing and with the change comes the question, "Who is watching your business television commercials and who...isn't?"

That coveted 18 - 49 year old demographic is changing as BabyWatching TV man woman  Boomers age.  Why?  Because people 47 - 65 (Boomer Range) control over 1/2 of the national spending.  These are no longer your grandparents.   Last year NBC Universal conducted a study of so-called Alpha Boomers, who are in the 55 - 64 age range and found them willing to change brands, spend on technology, use social networking sites and purchase online.  They spend $1.8 trillion annually on food, cars, personal care and other products.

And...they watch television

Boomers watch an average of 5.5 hours of TV while the national average is 4.5 hours...  Now you know why we're seeing folks like Tom Selleck, Kathy Bates and Steven Tyler take lead roles on highly rated programs.

So...let's focus on you.  What are you selling, where are you placing your advertising dollars?  If you've got TV in the you now re-think?

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Time and Talent - Gentle Giants & Burt Ward

I've been writing, voicing and producing commercials for over thirty-years and it never ceases to amaze me what goes into the production process.  You'll see a TV ad and it's over in thirty-seconds....but creating it may have taken weeks.  In this quick look at behind the scenes it took us thirty minutes of set up, then thirty minutes of multiple takes, relighting and directing for about four seconds of video...that may or may not make the final cut.


We were filming for Gentle Giant a dog food manufactured in a "Safe Feed Facility" (that means it's really good) in Sioux City, Iowa and sold by Burt Ward, yes that Burt Ward, who is a lover of animals...both large and small.  His foundation, Gentle Giants Rescue is a popular California program...Burt would understand how much time it takes.  We hope.

Thanks for the opportunity and thank you for reading.



The Business Cost of...Politics

Spending for the 2010 Mid-Term Elections is projected to reach $3.8 to $4.2 billion.  That's up from $2.5 billion in 2008.  Lots of passion driving lots of money.  But, while local radio and television stations are gobblingElection Signs  up the cash.   What impact does this have on...your business?

Here is a typical case.  This weekend I was talking to a small business owner (I do this stuff everyday) and in the middle of his, "Ya know, I just don't know what works when it comes to advertising." speech (I hear that everyday too...) he said, "I can't even buy advertising during the political season.  They push up the cost so high I can't afford to buy radio ads."

There is some food for thought:  While candidates are using the airwaves to tell lies and half can't afford to market their goods and services.

In this case the owner tells me he was buying thirty-second ads in the "early morning news" for about $30 each.  When Campaign 2010 (Also known as the Lie Express) cut loose ninety days ago his costs went to $80 for the same thirty-second ad in the same day-part.  I've been hearing this from so many business people I've lost count.

If you took our advice and bought might not be in this situation.  However, it's pretty bad when politics stands in the way of doing business let alone drive down retention of ads...because so many folks are so very tired....what think you?