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Each Friday we offer up the Friday Wrap a review of our long-form broadcast interviews just in IOB_podcastv2 case you missed one.  The Business News Hour, a product of Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications, is the only hour-long, M-F business news broadcast in the Midwest.  If you want to listen in, live, you can catch the broadcast at 5:05PM on AM-940, FM-104.5 or in HD at FM 103.3 HD2.

Here is a review of our guests this past week. You can click on the player or on the highlighted name of our guest to listen.

Over the past several months two local shopping malls, Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines and Valley West Mall in West Des Moines have requested that bus service be removed from their property. Here from DART is Amanda Wanke. We asked about that and more.

She joins us each Monday with her list of top networking events in the Des Moines Metro and Laura Kinnard has a bunch to share...

A month ago the INS Family of companies launched their new name and brand Aureon. At the time we talked about it with Ron Keller the President/CEO of Aureon. We caught up with Ned Flynn to check on the progress.

Our Small Business Spotlight shines on Jen Childress is the founder of JenSpiration a health and fitness studio and she makes house calls.

Our guest is one of the Tero International trainers, Trish Baumhover. She shares some thoughts about how sales people can really connect with customers and close a sale that makes both the buyer and seller pleased with the transaction. And, the best news this is all trainable.

Well over 400 people were in Des Moines for the Third Annual Global Insurance Symposium. To talk about the impact of insurance on Central Iowa we have Jay Byers of the Greater Des Moines Partnership break it down for us...

With us is international designer Annie Sloan who is the head-liner for the 6th Annual Spring Junk Jubilee. She is spending several days at the Iowa State Fair Grounds teaching and sharing chalk paint secrets.

We visit with Joy and Kevin Peterson from Peterson Holistic Services that celebrated their open house at their Windsor Heights location.  Holistic services are becoming more mainstream. We ask about that and more.

Our guest is Mike Fellers a friend of the Broadcast who counts on public transportation to get from one place to another. However the recent decision by Valley West Mall has put Mike and others who may be disabled in a bind. It's always somebody else...until it's somebody you know.

Thanks for reading and listening!  Catch the broadcast Weekdays at 5:05PM

The Business News Hour - Friday Wrap

Our ad agency is the fuel that powers Insight on Business the News Hour. It's the only IOB_podcastv2 TuneIndaily, hour-long business news broadcast in the Midwest. (No, really...we checked.) It airs Monday - Friday starting at 5:05PM on AM-940, FM-104.5 and (if you are really cool) in HD at 103.3 HD2. While we don't record and save the news and markets (that could get old....) we do save the long-form business interviews.

Also, we've been informed by the Iowa Broadcast News Association that the Business News Hour is now the Award Winning Business News Hour. We'll be picking up that honor this weekend in Waterloo at their Annual Convention. Thank you all..

Our long-form business interviews from this past week are below. You can click on the name of our guest or on the player to catch the interview.

He is the master of events. Meet our friend Beau Fodor who has, for years, put his special touch on event after event. From small gatherings to Iowa's Gay Wedding Planner to the man behind the Bollywood Ball. His company, Panache Points continues to adapt and grow.

 She's back...and each Monday Laura Kinnard joins us to share her top networking opportunities that are available here in the Des Moines Metro and we end up with a quick Social Media Tip...for business. This time we talk about content...what to share.

It's an interesting family business that's been around for generations. Mike Wells joins us to talk about the beginnings of Wells Blue Bunny, where the name came from and what's this re-branding they've been involved with? We also talk about the Iowa Business Council and what that means for Iowa and Iowa businesses.

Last month Thomas Kutz an attorney with the Kreamer Law Firm of West Des Moines attended South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. We were interested in why he attended, what his impression of the event was and what people there thought about Iowa. We talk music, business and impressions.

For over 70 years Woodard Hearing has been assisting people correct their hearing loss. Sure the technology has changed but, according to owner Diana Kautzky, the careful care of their patients has not. Our Small Business Spotlight shines on Woodard Hearing and their special event coming up soon. 

We love startups and today we learn about Servons from co-founder Steve Schott. Servons helps non-profits not only track volunteer hours but also serves as a way to reward and keep volunteers engaged. How does it all work?

The program is called Embrace Aging and it is a series of educational conversations on healthy aging in Iowa. The upcoming session is called Managing Chronic Diseases. The event is scheduled for 26 April at Drake University, Olmsted Center. With us is Dr. Yogesh Shah a geriatric specialist from Des Moines University and Kent Zimmerman from the Calvin Community of Des Moines. A deep conversation about health issues and outcomes.

Over the past several months two local shopping malls, Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines and Valley West Mall in West Des Moines have requested that bus service be removed from their property. Is it safety, congestion or something else that is driving these decisions?  In a written response from Kris Walter of the Merle Hay Mall we are told it was because Des Moines Area Regional Transit (DART) was misusing the drop-off area and causing congestion. We asked DART about that and more. With us is Amanda Wanke the Communications Officer for DART.

Thanks for reading & listening! Catch you tonight at 5:05 for the Business News Hour!


The Business News Hour - Friday Wrap

Our ad agency is the fuel that powers Insight on Business the News Hour. It's the only daily, IOB_podcastv2hour-long business news broadcast in the Midwest. (No, really...we checked.) It airs Monday - Friday starting at 5:05PM on AM-940, FM-104.5 and (if you are really cool) in HD at 103.3 HD2. While we don't record and save the news and markets (that could get old....) we do save the long-form business interviews. 

ICYMI here's our guests and what we covered this week. You can click on the name or on the player to listen to the podcast.

No matter if it's a house you own or d duplex you know the headaches of being a landlord. Enter Renters Warehouse of Des Moines. We chat with owner, Brad Neal about what services his company offers, what they do before, during and after the renter is part of your world. An interesting opportunity for many of you who own but hate to manage.

There is no lack of opportunity in Iowa and the association that has been on the front lines for business opportunity here is the Iowa Association of Business and Industry. Here to talk about that and the upcoming conference, "Taking Care of Business" and the Leadership Institute are Emily Schettler and Jessie Stewart.  Listen in! 

Here is a fascinating conversation about our global economy and how, if you have not mastered intercultural skills, you may be falling short. Joining us from Tero International is our friend Deborah Rinner. Join us as we talk about common errors and how you, and your business, can better learn how to become a multi-cultural expert...for business and your personal life. 

Always seeking opportunity Peter Sherinian is in our Small Business Spotlight. A manager for Hensely's Big & Tall Outfitters Peter also has his hand in the Quill Pen and Nib in Valley Junction. Learn more about both of these unique retail outlets in the Des Moines Metro.

When Kristen Hall from KH Mediation joined us several weeks ago she touched on collaborative divorce a way to tamp down the frustration and anger while going through the process. Perhaps this is something you need to hear or pass on to people you know.  Have a listen! 

He's spent nearly three decades in the hospitality industry and currently serves as the Director of Sales at the Holiday Inn and Suites based on Merle Hay Mall in Des Moines. We talk with Troy Thompson about the changes in the industry, what he does to help meeting planners and more. Listen in: 

His passion is movies and when he's not working he's going to movies and then writing reviews on McMovie Review a blog about his thoughts on movies and entertainment. We talk with Eric McComb about movie trends and more: 

Our guest is Chris Verlengia from Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield the backbone of The Grand Blue Mile that comes back on 26 April. We talk about the Wellmark brand, the reason they sponsor the event and how the company gives back to the community. 

In addition to our special guests each Monday we feature our Networking/Social Media Contributor Laura Kinnard with networking picks and social media tips for business and each Friday we end with our Friday Fun Contributor Sheryl Tessier from Eat, Play, Love Des Moines and her top picks of "Stuff to DO in the Metro".

Thanks for reading and catch you tonight at 5:05 for the Business News Hour...






The Business News Hour - The Friday Wrap

Every so often I comment about Insight on Business the News Hour in this blog. The thought IOB_RGBoccurred to us that you might be interested in some of the long-form business interviews we do. You may find valuable the information our guests share with our radio audience. 

For those of you who don't know, The Business News Hour is the only daily, hour-long business news broadcast in the Midwest. It is heard on AM-940, FM-104.5 and in HD at 103.3 HD2. Each day, Monday - Friday starting at 5:05PM, we cover the business news headlines of the Nation, Region and the Greater Des Moines Metro along with a Market Report and our business interviews.  To listen or download any of these, simply click on the play button or click on the IOB image of the Des Moines Skyline for our Podcast Page. 

Our conversation with the editor of the Des Moines Business Record, Chris Conetzkey, focuses on paying attention to trends, business R&D in an economic downturn, the back-story of the publication and the print industry.

While listeners enjoy promotions there is a back story to every one. Joining us in studio is Jeff Delvaux the General Manager of the Des Moines Radio Group and we talk about that and more...enjoy! 

Today we share the IOB Mic with the Dean of the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa, Sarah Fisher Gardial. Sarah was in Des Moines to speak at a Hawkeye Lunch & Learn about women and business leadership.

How you say what you say matters. Wayne Bruns is one of the Tero Trainers and he's here to break that down for you and give you some solid tips on how to improve your speech.

On any given night there are roughly 300 people sleeping under bridges, in parks or in tents. This is the story of Joppa Outreach and what they believe is an answer to the issue if only the City of Des Moines will give them the green light. Meet Joe Stevens, Amy Hunold-Van Gundy and Kyle Horn in studio to offer up a solution and offer transition to families.

With us in studio is the AMA-Iowa Co-Vice President of Programing, Sarah Barthole.  We talk about what members can expect, what marketing trends are exciting, how email may still be an effective way to reach consumers and the upcoming monthly program.

Our Small Business Spotlight shines on Amber Robinson and Krave Gym of West Des Moines. She says that she started Krave so she could help develop a program that would attract individuals who really want to see results.

Last week we shared with you the difference between "Reach and Action". Today we offer up Five Tips for your Business Facebook Page that will drive activity and create action. Ready?

Thanks for coming by for a listen.  Now for our commercial:

Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie is a production of our advertising agency, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications and is the only daily, hour-long business broadcast in the region. The News Hour is made possible through the sponsorship of: Merit Resources of Urbandale, Iowa Computer Repair of Windsor Heights, ReMax Real Estate Concepts of the Des Moines Metro, the Iowa Association of Business and IndustryDWebware of Urbandale, The Strudl Haus of Des Moines, Manpower of Central IowaTero International and the Kreamer Law Firm of West Des Moines. 

The Friday Wrap for Business

The Friday Wrap takes a look at several business/marketing stories Friday all loaded with our opinion.  If you want to comment, feel free!  Also you can follow the conversation on our Twitter Stream @InsightADV or our advertising agency Facebook Page, which is right here.  OK then...don't leave the office until you've read these stories from The Friday Wrap:

  • Old Ads - We love looking at what our craft created years ago and if you enjoy a chuckle or two our pick of the week is Old Ads Are Funny.
  • Facebook - Our friends at Facebook celebrated 1 billion users this week with a neat video on "connecting".
  • Meanwhile The Big Lie - However many small/medium business folks get caught up in marketing by using Facebook...often poorly. Our thoughts.
  • Central Iowa Bloggers - Gather the first Friday of each month.
  • The Goal - When you do a print piece your goal is to get noticed here's a creative piece from our friends at Hy-Vee that begs to do just that.
  • 5 in Twenty-Four - This week we were pleased to present to the Central Iowa Chapter of the American Business Women's Association of Iowa.  What did they learn?  We'll let them tell you.
  • Rural Blogging - Hampton and Franklin County, Iowa play host to writers and photographers from across the country...and Japan. What can your business learn for nearly free.

Here's the link for The Friday Wrap. Thanks for coming by and have a superior weekend!



The Friday Wrap for Business

Each Friday morning we post The Friday Wrap.  It's a piece that looks at Friday the news regarding advertising/marketing/branding and includes our commentary.  Here is the link to The Friday Wrap and if you want to leave a comment you can do that or join us on our Twitter Stream @InsightADV or our agency for advertising/communications Facebook Page is right here. Several topics this week:

  • Logos - Round One:  Did you know you could spend as little as $69 for up to five sample "custom" logos?  You can you really want to?
  • Logos - Round Two: Our friends at ebay have just announced a re-do of their iconic logo.  Not much of a change but the design says much about what they were 17 years ago and where they want to be...tomorrow.
  • Pink Slime: Beef Products, Inc. of Iowa has just launched a $1.2 billion dollar suit against ABC News among others.  This will be interesting to watch for all of us in the news/commentary business.
  • Target Marketing: Let's say you want to target a specific group of consumers.  Here we show you the front, and the back-story, of how Hardee's and Carl Jr's hope to increase sales among young men.
  • A Class Act - Toyota of Des Moines brands themselves with a class act.  Nobody paid us to share this story.  We just think it's cool.
  • Re-Launch Party: This week the Social Media Club of Des Moines held a re-launch party.  We had some questions about where we go next. Here's the update in the comments section of this post, "We're In - Now What?".

Thanks for coming by.  If you want to read/see these stories from Insight on Business here, once again, is the direct link.  Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful weekend! - Michael Libbie


The Friday Wrap

Each Friday morning, in The Friday Wrap, we take a look at the news Friday from the advertising and marketing world and share some of the stories...along with our commentary.  Why?  Our goal is to help your business stay in business by offering up some ideas and our "insight" into what we do.  To view these stories just head to The Friday Wrap.  What stories?  Here you go!

  • JC Penny - Trouble with the media or the message?
  • Facebook & Business - It was a great's the answer.
  • Brand Clarity - What happens when your message isn't consistent.
  • Color - What logo color is key in your industry?
  • Appreciation Marketing - A pretty cool story...
  • Chick-Fil-A - It's been a bad week for the cows...
  • BYOD - Should your business encourage employees to do this?
  • Trade Show Fun - 16 Embarrassing Signs.

Once view these stories just jump over to The Friday Wrap!

Have a great weekend!


The Friday Wrap - July 20, 2012

Each Friday Morning we take a look at some of the advertising and Friday marketing stories you may have seen, or missed, and then add our opinion.  Our goal is to deliver to you some ideas that might work for your business, no matter the size. If you wish to leave a comment here, have at it.  Or let's link up on Twitter@InsightADV or our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here.  Ready for The Friday Wrap?  You can see these stories by going to the full post.

  • Branding Basics - Whole Foods and Tallgrass Grocery
  • Men - What they like and don't in marketing messages
  • Moms - Technology helping them become...better?
  • Social Media - Doing it right...or?
  • Is Small Better for Profits - A look at a trend
  • The Age of Discovery - Five things you should know
  • Johnston Chamber - Spending some time teaching

To view the stories here is the link to The Friday Wrap. Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful weekend and a fantastic week ahead. - Michael Libbie


The Friday Wrap - July 13, 2012

Each Friday Morning we take some time to look at various Friday advertising/marketing news and pass the information, along with our thoughts.  Insight on Business is the place to see these stories and, if you want to connect our Twitter Feed is @InsightADV and our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here.  So...before you slide into the weekend get your Friday Wrap! 


  • Getting Found - Means more than just "Ad Words";
  • What Men Like - And what they don't;
  • Get Your AXE On - The Kiefer Sutherland ad we like;
  • Brainstorming - Bad for Creativity?
  • Technology - Can it get in the way?
  • Czech That! - A tour of a rural Nebraska town...

Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend!